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An email autoresponder is one way to take your customer experience (CX) to the next level. To help you decide what kind ofautomated emailsyou need to set up, we've compiled a list of the 10 email autoresponder examples that have the biggest impact on the customer experience.

Businesses are increasingly aware of the tremendous impact CX has on growth, customer satisfaction and retention.

Here are some statistics that put the importance of CX into perspective:

  • 76% of consumers are willing to go elsewhere if a brand doesn't meet their CX expectations (Foreclosure).
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that makes personalized offers based on their preferences (Forbes).
  • 81% of companies are expected to compete primarily or entirely on CX in 2019 (gardener).

CX refers to the feelings, perceptions and impressions that a customer gets every time they interact with your company. The concept essentially includes every touchpoint of the customer journey from start to finish.

And you guessed it, that includes all email communications.

Given the80% of AmericansCheck your personal email at least once a day, email is a crucial touch point in the customer journey.

ask yourself:How does your email marketing contribute to the overall customer experience?Is there room for improvement?

If you answered yes to the last question, then autoresponders (or “automated emails”) is an area worth looking into.

Read on to learn:

  • How an Email Autoresponder Helps You Provide a Better Customer Experience
  • Examples of email autoresponders that work best for different purposes


How email autoresponders improve the customer experience

A great customer experience is one that is helpful, seamless, and exceeds expectations. The customer feels valued and understood.

LikeE-Mail-Autoresponder(aka email automation software) automatically sends an email (that you've already written) to contacts in your email list who have met certain conditions. These conditions can be characteristic (date of birth or location) or behavioral (a new contact signs up on your site).

There are several ways an email autoresponder improves the customer experience.

  • personalization: is a great way to send personalized messages based on a contact's preferences. AccordinglySmarterhq Privacy Report, 72% of consumers say they will only engage with marketing messages tailored to their interests. Therefore, it is important to personalize your emails.
  • relevance: Helps you send emails that match existing customer data. For example, you don't want to send dog food promotions to someone who doesn't have a dog. This would help explain why66% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because they are irrelevant.
  • Punctuality:You can make sure a message gets to a contact within a specific time frame without having to be there to click send. And customers get instant service, which improves brand awareness.
  • trust building: If your emails are personalized, relevant, and timely, that representsQualityfor contact. This quality leads to trust in the brand and strengthens the relationship with its customers.

Here are 10 types of autoresponder emails that are very effective for increasing engagement and improving the customer experience. Create your free Sendinblue account now and get inspired by the examples below.

Set up your own email autoresponder with Sendinblue >>

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To learn more about autoresponders, check out these resources:

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Best Email Autoresponder Examples

Here are some of the most common autoresponders and autoresponders used by B2C and B2B companies.

the birthday email

Who doesn't want to feel special on their birthday? That is exactly the meaning of abirthday by email!

Not only does it show the customer that you're thinking of them, it's a great way to increase sales. People are generally more willing to treat themselves on their birthday, so they're much more likely to spend money on your product/service with the birthday discount code you just sent them.

It's a simple gesture that goes far in the minds of customers.

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the welcome email

ÖWelcome emailIt's important when it comes to laying the foundation for relationships with new subscribers.

It's an opportunity to introduce your brand to a new subscriber and let them know what to expect in your emails.

This is also an ideal time to get your new subscriber's email preferences, as in the example below. This allows you to target subscribers appropriately and ensure future emails are tailored to their needs and interests, paving the way for a more engaging customer experience.

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Die Onboarding-E-Mail

It's important to help your customers use your product or service for the first time. Set up an autoresponderOnboarding-E-Mailsso new customers learn to use the product and minimize churn.

Add answers to frequently asked questions and demo videos if needed. This may clear up some customer support issues later.

Also, share user-generated content for inspiration and alternative product uses to drive adoption and usage.

Providing a set of instructions, like in this Tinder onboarding example, is a great way to drive engagement. This early engagement is critical when trying to attract new customers to your product.

The reactivation email

This automatic reply email is sent with the aim of reactivating a contact who has not made a purchase for a long time.

You don't want your contacts to forget you, so let this email serve as a reminder of your existence. You can even go one step further and lure them back with an exclusive offer or discount code.

Tip: If yourreactivation emailIf you don't get any interactions, send a reactivation email. If you still don't get a reply, remove the contact from your list. To maintain a high level of deliverability, you need aclean email list.

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The feedback request email

When looking for ways to improve your customer experience, a good place to start is to assess the satisfaction of your current customers.

Use an autoresponder email to receive regular feedback that you can review to highlight areas for improvement.

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The abandoned cart email

Abandoned Cart Emailsare the most commonly used automatic emails. These are reminders sent to customers who have filled their shopping cart with items on your site but are unable to complete their purchase.

Abandoned cart emails are not only very effective in catching those who have strayed, but they are also great from a customer experience standpoint.

At this point, if the customer has no choice but to leave your site to do something else, you can pick up right where they left off. Don't waste time searching the products again.

You can make the abandoned cart even more inviting by adding a coupon or discount code to your email.

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the missing message

One automated response we all receive is the out-of-office email. It is necessary to maintain work during vacations or in service companies and outside of business hours. It is simply configured to reply to all incoming emails. UntilGmailprovides a basic way to do this.

more demandingEmail Marketing Servicesoffer advanced options like different OoO flows for subscribers and new contacts.

The default out-of-office email templates contain some important information:

  • When are you back or your normal business hours
  • Who should be contacted in your absence and their contact details
  • A phone number for emergencies

That being said, OoO emails don't need a lot of detail. "Limited Internet access" and "Phone contact only for urgent matters" are popular phrases that will not bother anyone.

For B2C businesses, it's a good idea to use the same branding templates for autoresponder messages as you do for your other emails for consistent branding.

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The customer's thank you email

Did you know it costs up tofive times more to attract new customers?

All the more reason to take care of the existing ones and show them how much you value their business!

This is an example of an autoresponder email that is definitely worth including in your email marketing strategy.

Recognizing and rewarding your most loyal customers will make the customer experience more enjoyable and further strengthen customer loyalty. The easiest way to do this is to set up an email response when they reach a certain milestone, e.g. B. the total lifetime value or the number of orders.

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The “Follow us on social media” email.

You're probably already including your social links in your emails, but are your subscribers clicking those little icons at the bottom of the page enough?

To drive traffic and encourage engagement with your social channels, why not send a special "Follow us on Social Media" email?

This email is ideal for new subscribers as part of your onboarding process.

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Die „Best of“-E-Mail

Add your top performing and popular content to an autoresponder email and send it to your subscribers on a recurring basis.

This is useful for busy subscribers who only have time to scroll through your highlights.

It's also an effective way to reignite an inactive subscriber's interest by luring them back with your most interesting content.

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Set up your own autoresponder email messages

Want to try these email autoresponder examples? Setting up autoresponders is easy withMarketing Automation Softwarelike Sendinblue.

It gives you the flexibility to create a custom autoresponder workflow or choose from a variety of pre-built workflow templates. All of the above autoresponder examples and more can be done for you in just a few minutes thanks to the easy-to-use workflow builder.

Start creating your autoresponders with Sendinblue today

The free plan includes access to all essential email features, 300 emails/day, 40+ email templates, and customizable automations.

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