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Make -up look and beauty trends come and go, we love itGrinding nail polishA minute, then we are completely obsessed with the springs with clip in our hair.If it is likely that one of these looks will achieve a great return at short notice, we can always rely on classicsMake -up looksAlways be stylish.Regardless of whether it is the final red lip or the definitive eyebrows, we can all take the example of the old Hollywood and include these classic make -up looks in our beauty routine to feel like a siren implus.

1Red lipstick

Regardless of his skin tone, he can rock a red lip.Yesteraryar's Hollywood stars had perfect skin to add their purple pot, but the key to this make -up.Apply concealer on the outside of your lips to define them even more.


With the correct combination of the base, corrector and powder, she ensures that it looks perfect.

(Video) CLASSIC ROCK AVENUE - 6/13/13 (made with Spreaker)

3Katze -Eeye -Delineator

This classic make -up aspect is one of my favorites!It is fun to create well for almost every occasion and be the standard -Swoosh or winged eyeliner or elegant!

4Defined eyebrows

If you have a number of dark and defined eyebrows, your make -up polished and accentuic eyebrows can look.

5Laden von neutral eyes.

It overwhelms its perfect make -up picture for the image with overwhelming eyeshadow.It is a color of cream or vanilla in your eyelids so that you do not compete with the rest of your face.The neutral palette will also attract more attention to your beautiful myblins.

6Rosie Chicks

After applying the make -up of your face, use a redosa cream or a powder blade on the apples of your cheeks.This gives you a good shine and balanced your make -up -up picture inspired by the harvest.I don't want to look like they have a fever.


This step is optional, but for those who want to add a drama and secret to their appearance.I intend to use a kit that contains glue for eyelashes and tabs.If you find that the eyelashes are too long, just roll them.Kardashian as an inspiration when trying this aspect of the make -up.


No classic make -up appearance would be complete without lips.I used a red eyeliner to fill her lips and make sure that her Ruby Red lips stay beautiful while her fans blow kisses.Also look at the number one Council with it.

9Cabello Vintage

Why not make the whole glamor and a vintage inspiration hairstyle rock a few hot rollers and get some inflatable curls.

10El Twiggy

Ok, so that has not happened for some time, but it's so easy that it could easily transfer it to the present.In contrast to a smoked eye, there is no reason to mix his wrinkle with the Twiggy picture.Not only that, but that this aspect is the coating.So take your time and be careful!

(Video) Queen, ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica, The Beatles 🔥 Top 100 Best Classic Rock Songs Of All Time

11Purple eyeshadow

I was not aware of it until I started rock in classic looks.If you want a subtle look or establish it and then let it do it!

12The smoked eye

What is more classic and more flexible than the smoked eye?This can happen in all colors of the eyeshadow and looks very good in everyone.Time is dominated, but it is definitely worth time.The smoky eye is a classic aspect that everyone should use from time to time.

13Der Veronica -See

If you are not a fan of the abbey and the waves of the fingers mentioned above, don't you try the Veronica Lake?Your hair has become icon and synonym for your name, why not use for you?These beautiful and simple waves will not give them a classic aspect that nobody can deny you will look great!

There are so many classic make -ups to choose the Facebook photo profile OPP!What are some of your favorite -Make -up looks, both new and classic?

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  • AnonymousThis is a terrible advice ... begins with a moisture cream, then a primer, then a base, a corrector, then a dust.The base of the overwriter simply turns it and makes it less effective to hide.
    • LisaHello Anon, thanks for your advice!Personally, I used a concealer before my base and sometimes I will use it later in both directions, but I assume that everything depends on your personal preference and skin type.Thank you for your contribution and I am sure that other readers also appreciate it!
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