15 makeup tips to look older... (2023)



15 makeup tips to look older... (2)

When you start wearing makeup, it's easy to go crazy experimenting on your face. While this is a fun and important part of the teenage learning process, there are times when thick eyeliner and neon green eyeshadow just don't help much. If you want to look older and sophisticated, follow these top makeup tips!

1Contour your face

Perhaps the most important reason you look younger could be a rounder and/or smoother face, rosy cheeks, a snub nose, or maybe just your short stature.

Makeup tips to look older include changing the perceived shape of your face through contrast and shading. Contouring adds definition and the look of harder bone structure to balance out a fuller face. Using blush will add curves to your cheeks. Choose a color that is darker than your normal skin tone and apply it just below your cheekbones. Additional tips for applying blush: smile broadly in the mirror and paint on the "apple" of your cheek, the area where you actually blush. Then apply a lighter shade just above the cheekbones. Such makeup should emphasize the cheekbones and add depth to the face.

2Use a light foundation

Ever heard the term "cake face" used to describe a girl who wears too much foundation? Well, this word is usually only applied to teenagers. So, to look more mature and natural, use a light foundation, BB cream or CC cream. It gives you coverage but doesn't look like it - just what you need!

3sharpen the nose

If you have a button nose (small, soft, and "fluffy as a button"), another good makeup tip to look older is to sharpen this symbol of youthful cuteness and make it slimmer and bolder.

Tips on how to be a strong-willed and sensible conversationalist or businesswoman: Use concealer, bronzer or foundation that is darker than your normal skin tone and apply it to the nostrils. Remember to still blend it with your usual skin tone around the edges. Then gently apply a lighter shade of concealer to the bridge of the nose to make it look thinner and more pointed.

4wear lipstick

Forget the days of glitzy glitz. Lip gloss is usually the winner of a youth award, with its shimmering effect with the occasional addition of glitter: elements unsuitable for professionalism. Lipstick is usually associated with maturity. Even if you don't think it suits you, choosing stick over glitter will add grace and glamor (and stickiness!) to glitter.

5dark lipstick

Darker colors like brown, burgundy or deep red give your lips more maturity. Make sure to use a color that suits your skin tone.

6Use a lip liner

I don't care how tight your hand is, you need a lip liner! I used to think that a lip liner was just there to line the lipstick to make it look sharper, but the lip liner is actually there to keep the lipstick from spreading on the skin around the lips throughout the day. Messy lipstick is a dead sign that you're still new to makeup! So make sure you always use a lip liner when wearing lipstick, especially dark lipstick.

7Darken your eyes

You can look older and more sophisticated if you avoid light pastel eye colors. The smoky look is bold but can add depth and intensity to your eyes to balance a fresh, youthful glow in your face. Use black eyeliner instead of colored eyeliner to narrow and frame your eyes. Apply a dark mascara to make your lashes look fuller and healthier.

8create balance

One of the lessons women learn over the years of wearing makeup is that balance is key! As a teenager, you might want to get the cutest products on your face all at once, but that's really overwhelming for others. If you go for a bold eye, make sure to tone down your lips and use softer shades. However, if you want your lips to stand out with a bold and iridescent red, you can use it but make your eye makeup look more natural.

9Choose a palate based on your eye color

Also, as you get older, you get to know your face better. But why wait? Find out now which colors suit you best!

If you have blue eyes, try metallic tones like gold, bronze and copper, and a light and seductive champagne! Brown-eyed girls can be a bit bolder, especially if you have darker skin; Choose bronze and peach for daytime looks and navy, purple and teal for when you're feeling a little daring at night! For ladies with beautiful green eyes, I recommend rust, purple, and pink. And last but not least, for my hazel-eyed colleagues, you must try grey, dusty pink and burgundy!

10narrow line

This is a trick my mom always uses to create a more subtle makeup look. With tightlining, the eyeliner is applied between the lashes on the lash line. You'll be amazed at how much fuller your lashes look and your eyes brighter when you liner! It also saves you from wearing tons of eyeliner over your lash line – a trademark of young people.


You should definitely use mascara to bring your eyes together. However, make sure you use a quality mascara that doesn't look too cheap. Also, make sure you only apply two coats and then comb through your lashes if you notice clumps. Clumpy lashes look tacky and silly, so if you want to look older and more glamorous, less is more!

12dye your eyebrows

If your brows are a bit thin, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow. It's best to choose a shade that matches your natural hair color (or eyebrow color) or just a little darker. DO NOT DO THIS! Otherwise you could end up looking like Helga from Hey Arnold.

Bold brows frame your face and make your features bolder and sharper, which can rob your face of its youthful softness.

13Cover up acne or blemishes

It's no secret that teenagers suffer from blemishes or acne more than other generations due to hormonal imbalances and typical teenage anxiety. One of the best makeup tips to look older is to definitely cover up those blemishes. If you're still suffering from acne or breakouts, use concealer and foundation to avoid looking like you're in the office for professional work rather than business.

14look natural

This is possibly the most important tip that encompasses all of the above. be sensitive. With age comes wisdom; Be sure to wear it under your makeup. Don't be too heavy with the brush or the effect you want could backfire and you could end up looking like a teenager trying too hard to be an adult. In my books, less is more and subtlety is sexy.

15use trust

The best makeup is confidence. Cheesy, I know, but I really have to! Girls tend to be more insecure and confident about what other people think of them. But as you get older, you care a lot less about what other people think. So smile, love yourself and you'll instantly look way older than any amount of makeup could ever make you look!

I can't guarantee you won't continue to identify in clubs, bars, or even supermarkets, but makeup can make you look older, more respectable, and even more indomitable - if you put others in their shoes and express your sharp sophistication would like ! Plus, give it a few more years and you'll be glowing with your youthful skin when you're forty and looking thirty. These makeup tips are designed to help you get through times when your youthful looks got in the way of your adult desires. Remember you are not alone, comment below if you have any funny stories about the silliest times you were identified or mistaken as a teenager!

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  • MariaI'm 15 and trying to look older with makeup since I look like I'm 10 lol
  • CathieI am a 63 year old female (caste) and have always looked young for my age: I am exhausted and trying to decide whether to count my age correctly or ignore the mistakes. Clever or DESIRE? [An unwanted youth "stalks" me; I'm not interested.
  • JessicaI love it! I was often embarrassed when adults mistook me for a teenager or younger. Partly because I'm petite...but my youthful-looking features don't help. I have to work a lot harder than everyone else to prove that I deserve respect as a woman. Thanks for this post!
  • MariaThank you for the tips! It's just makeup, but if I can use it to make me stronger, great. When I finished college, my co-workers threw me a party. Many mistakenly thought that I graduated from high school! I'm not trying to escape my youth, I love it. I just don't want to be mistaken for a teenager. I'm a woman and I want my appearance to reflect that.
  • -Thanks!!! I appreciate that! Maybe this will help you take me more seriously :)
  • KamilaUsually eye makeup does that for me. I look a few years younger than I really am (I'm a teenager, I should mention) and mascara and eyeliner help a bit, even though I have naturally very full, long, and curly lashes. Guess I just gotta look young lol!
    • DeniseCamila, you make it sound like looking young is bad. You may have forgotten that pharmaceutical and beauty companies make millions from women who want to look younger. Guess what you got now is all I can say =D Thanks for your comment!



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