33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (2023)

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  • Modules for social networks
  • Store management modules
  • Marketing and promotions modules
  • Modules to manage payments
  • Modules for design and navigation.
  • Modules for product pages
  • Modules for dropshipping stores
  • Modules to improve the customer experience
  • BONUS: Outvio Module - Shipping, Tracking & Returns
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  • If you are a PrestaShop user, you might be interested in enhancing and enhancing certain aspects of your online store with PrestaShop modules. PrestaShop has many features on its own. However, having an online store requires taking care of tasks in different aspects of the business: marketing, payments, logistics, etc.

    If you need new functionality to include in your PrestaShop store, maybe it's time to install modules that meet those needs. Installing modules increases the cost of your online store. For this reason, we have collected the best free PrestaShop modules available on the PrestaShop market,PrestaShop Addons.

    Depending on the area of ​​your business you want to improve, you can choose from the following categories:

    These modules help you to connect and integrate your online store with your social media accounts.

    1. PrestaShop Facebook Module

    The PrestaShop Facebook module allows you to make the most of other sales and promotion channels, in this case Facebook and Instagram. With himPrestaShop Facebook Module, you will be able to share your products on Facebook and Instagram, attract new buyers and get new metrics.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (11)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (12)

    HeSocial share buttons moduleAllows you to include Instagram or YouTube buttons on product pages. This will improve your digital strategy, as customers will be able to easily share your content, thus increasing the visibility of your online store on these social networks.

    3. Social Media Follow Links

    HeSocial media follow links moduleit makes it easy for your customers to find your social media accounts and increases the sense of community. This module works for Facebook and Twitter and, depending on where you are, you can customize the message and brand image on each social network, according to the tone and type of platform users.

    4. Light buy button

    HeBuy Button Lite moduleimprove the conversion rate of your online store. With just one click, customers will be able to access your products by clicking on a link.

    Store management modules

    The following modules ease various management tasks or enhance functionality that is already available in your standard PrestaShop store.

    5. PrestaShop checkout created with PayPal

    PrestaShop checkout created with PayPalallows you to accept and manage all types of payments securely and easily. This is a complete payment solution that will centralize transactions, help you manage refunds and allow you to perform bank reconciliations quickly and easily.

    Thanks to the Express Checkout option in this module, you can also add a quick checkout button on product pages or in the cart.

    6. Google Analytics Module

    HeGoogle analytics moduleallows you to link Google Analytics to your online store. With this module you will be able to determine which marketing strategy generated a sale or if, on the contrary, it was an organic sale. The information will help you improve your campaigns and reach new audiences.

    7. Glotio - Translate your PrestaShop into over 50 languages

    swallowis a module that translates your PrestaShop store into more than 50 languages. This plugin is specialized in PrestaShop and will translate many parts of your store (products, categories, attributes, functionalities, etc.) automatically without the need to export or import texts.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (13)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (14)
    (Video) How to create a 🤑 FREE ONLINE STORE 💸 website: PrestaShop Introduction. The BEST Shopify alternative

    8. Smart Ads - Google Ads and Google Shopping

    HeAdsClever - Google Ads and Google Shopping ModuleIt allows you to create, manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns and can even help you submit your products to Google Merchant Center.

    Specifically, this tool helps you manage Google Shopping Campaigns, Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, and Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns.

    9. Keyboard module

    Hekeyboard modulehelps you grow your online business by providing you with key information about your customers so you can further personalize and improve the customer experience in your store. With Klaviyo, you can use customer data to send emails, content and relevant messages that create stronger bonds between your store and your customers.

    10. PrestaShop metrics module

    HePrestaShop metrics moduleprovides essential information to help you run your business more efficiently from an intuitive dashboard. It also syncs your PrestaShop store with Google Analytics; cross-referencing sales, orders, carts, and traffic data; and compares your activity periods over the last 3 months or 14 months in the advanced version.

    11. Official GDPR compliance module

    HePrestaShop GDPR Compliance Modulewill ensure that your online store complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    This module considers key GDPR obligations such as granting users access to their personal data and ensuring they have the ability to rectify or delete that data or withdraw consent.

    These modules will help you create marketing strategies suitable for your business, as well as improve existing ones.

    12. Gamiphy: loyalty, games and referrals all in one

    Hegame modulehelps you drive sales through loyalty, gamification, and social experiences. With this module you can design and create your own show and games to engage your audience and gain their trust.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (15)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (16)

    13. Mailchimp module for PrestaShop

    Hemailchimp moduleused to create uniqueemail marketing campaignsand automate processes. Among other things, you can:

    • View detailed campaign reports to see engagement results and ROI
    • Sync and segment your email lists to create targeted campaigns based on products purchased or amount spent
    • Send abandoned cart emails or product recommendations, etc.
    • Track customers to improve your loyalty strategy thanks to pre-built automations
    • Create and send custom transactional messages

    14. Product recommendations by engagement

    He Product recommendations moduleworks with artificial intelligence to increase revenue through cross-selling and upselling.

    The module's algorithm analyzes customer data and buying patterns to display the products that a given visitor is most likely to buy. The tool will place, in real time, related items alongside previously purchased items.

    15. Cross-selling module

    Hecross selling modulefocuses exclusively on this sales strategy, offering its customers the possibility to buy items related to the product they are viewing.

    (Video) PrestaShop free module notifications menu bar on home page for versions 1.5,1.6 and 1.7

    Using this module will help you to increase your sales thanks to better dissemination of your product catalog and access to products with a single click.

    Modules to manage payments

    These PrestaShop modules will allow you to enable different payment methods in your online store.

    16. Official PayPal

    That's itOfficial PayPal moduleprovides a secure and fast payment method that also works on mobile devices.

    17. Blockonomics Bitcoin payment module

    HeBlockonomics Bitcoin payment moduleEnable Bitcoin payments in your online store. Bitcoin payments will go directly to your Bitcoin wallet, without you having to complete any additional paperwork or provide approvals.

    With this module, you can also accept all HD wallets like trezor, blockchain.info and mycelium without approving documents or API keys.

    18. Cash on Delivery Module (COD)

    HeCash on Delivery Module (COD)allows you to enable cash payments for shipments, which can make it easier for your customers to buy and pay for products.

    This option can be a great advantage for customers who do not have a credit or debit card and prefer to receive a shipment with thecash on deliverymethod.

    19. Stripe Official Module (SCA Ready)

    Hestripes official moduleallows secure and easy payments for your customers. Just install the Stripe plugin and create a Stripe account or connect your existing account to use it.

    This tool allows you to accept payments via credit and debit cards in more than 135 currencies, electronic wallets (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay) and regional payment methods such as SEPA direct debit, iDEAL, Bancontact, P24, EPS, Giropay. , FPX and Alipay.

    These design and navigation modules will help you improve the look and functionality of your PrestaShop online store.

    20. Tag list module

    Hetag list modulewill display a list of brands in your store's catalog and allow customers to filter their searches based on their preference for certain brands.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (17)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (18)

    21. Special block module

    Hespecial block modulecreates a designated block on your front page with your special offers displayed. You can easily capture your customers' attention by compiling offers in one place. This is especially useful if your customers are highly price sensitive.

    The special offers block also creates an additional page for customers to see all the products that are on sale.

    22. Theme Customization Module

    HeTheme customization moduleallows you to further customize the homepage of your online store. You will have access to the main front office modules and quick configuration functions.

    (Video) Advanced Prestashop module developer guide crash course

    This tool makes navigating your store easier, which can increase the time a user spends in the store while improving the overall customer experience.

    The module will also help you to consolidate your online store's brand image and promote your product catalog in the most optimal way, as it allows you to access the modules with a single click.

    23. Cart Banner Module

    With himcart banner module, you will be able to display information to your users via a customizable banner that appears at the top of the cart page. This banner can be adapted for mobile devices.

    The banner message is fully customizable (font, text color, border color) and you can even add links, CTA buttons, images or videos and translations (with "multi-language" functionality).

    Modules for product pages

    These modules help you to improve product pages.

    24. Kickflip - Best Product Customizer

    HeKickflip: the best product customizer modulefacilitates the process of selling personalized products in your online store. With Kickflip you can sell any type of personalized product: bicycles, clothes, shoes, furniture... even food products!

    25. Zakeke – Product Customizer

    HeZakeke – product customizer modulehelps your customers customize and preview your products before making a purchase. Zakeke – Product Customizer works with a multitude of items: clothes, stationery, shoes, jewelry, watches, etc.

    26. Verified Revisions Module

    HeVerified reviews moduleallows you to enable comments and ratings in AdWords.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (19)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (20)

    27. OHM Size Guide Module

    HeOHM Size Guide Moduleallows you to quickly and easily create and customize size guides for your products. This feature will help your customers choose the right size, reducing the number of exchanges and returns you have to process and creating an overall more positive shopping experience. You can also add detailed product images and descriptions.

    These modules will help you manage and set up an online store specializing in dropshipping.

    28. BDroppy - The best brands for your dropshipping business

    He Bdroppy moduleIt allows you to import thousands of products from different brands to your store in just a few clicks and manage your entire dropshipping business. With this module you can automatically synchronize products, prices, orders and stock in real time.

    BDroppy is a platform with which you can also set custom rules and margins based on product categories and complete additional integrations for marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

    29. Dropday Dropshipping automation module

    With himDropday Dropshipping automation module, you can separate orders from your online store by product name, SKU/EAN, categories, stock and other characteristics. Dropday will also ship orders to its suppliers via email, webshop order, XML/CSV over FTP, or another method of your choice.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (21)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (22)
    (Video) Top 30+ Best Prestashop Themes 2019 | Free & Premium - Leotheme

    Modules to improve the customer experience

    These modules will help you to improve the customer experience on your online store.

    30. Product feedback module

    HeProduct feedback moduleallows its users to post reviews of their products or rate them based on specific criteria.

    31. Official Zendesk module

    HeOfficial Zendesk modulegives you context to interact with your customers by showing you their most recent orders. In Zendesk you will be able to see order details such as status, creation date, product names, quantities, etc.

    32. Free Live Smartsupp Chat

    HeSmartsupp free live chat moduleprovides live chat for websites and online stores. With this module, you will be able to view detailed visitor information in the advanced web dashboard, chat with shoppers on the go, set up automated messages, measure customer service quality with detailed statistics, and better understand customer behavior with customer registration. visitors. .

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (23)

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (24)

    33. Trusted Stores Review Toolkit

    HeTrusted Shops Reviews Toolkit store moduleallows your customers to leave feedback about your online store, product(s), trusted brand sign, Google stars, etc. and provide a mobile app to manage reviews from anywhere, thanks to our partnership with Google.

    Outvioconnects your PrestaShop store with all your messengers. At Outvio, we help you deliver the best customer experience with additional marketing tools, improving shipping, tracking and returns management, and reducing and simplifying shipping troubleshooting.

    Increased customer satisfaction, reduced workload and resources spent on customer support, and better conversion rates are some of the benefits that Outvio customers enjoy.Try it free for 14 days.

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (25)

    (Video) Prestashop schema testing in online google tools

    33 Free PrestaShop Modules for your online store (26)


    We hope these PrestaShop add-ons are useful and help you to grow your business. If you want to learn more about PrestaShop's features and how it can help you get the most out of your online store,read our full reviewis the platform


    How do I download PrestaShop modules? ›

    Follow these steps:
    1. Unzip (decompress) the module archive file.
    2. Using your FTP software.
    3. Place the folder in your PrestaShop /modules folder.
    4. Connect to the BackOffice of your shop.
    5. Go to Back Office >> Modules.
    6. Locate the new module in the list, scrolling down if necessary.
    7. In the row for the new module, click Install.

    Is PrestaShop free to use? ›

    PrestaShop is free to download, but you must install it yourself, find and pay for web hosting and perform maintenance and updates as necessary. As open-source software, PrestaShop gives you access to its code, allowing you to edit and adjust it specifically for your needs.

    How much does PrestaShop cost? ›

    PrestaShop is free to download and use. No monthly fees, no commission on sales, always 100% free!

    What are PrestaShop modules? ›

    A PrestaShop module is an accessory to any online store created on the CMS PrestaShop platform. Also known as plugins, extensions, widgets or addons, they allow you to add extra features to your online store which are not included by default in PrestaShop.

    What is better than PrestaShop? ›

    In this context, WooCommerce has a clear lead over the competition because of the underlying WordPress layer that provides excellent content management. PrestaShop has a CMS section to create your information pages, but with very limited options.

    How do I install a module? ›

    By default, the newest version of the module is downloaded from the repository. The object is sent down the pipeline to the Install-Module cmdlet. Install-Module installs the module for all users in $env:ProgramFiles\PowerShell\Modules .

    Is PrestaShop still being used? ›

    PrestaShop is currently used by 300,000 shops worldwide and is available in 60 different languages.
    ProductsWebshop, Shopping cart software
    6 more rows

    How does PrestaShop make money? ›

    Instead of making money through direct e-commerce platform sales, PrestaShop sells the services of its commercial partners. But you need to pay for website hosting, SSL certificates, and unless you have some decent technical knowledge, you might have to pay for an agency or a developer.

    What can you sell on PrestaShop? ›

    Sell Virtual Products - PrestaShop Modules
    • Chatbots, live chat, video recordings - Smartsupp. ...
    • Virtual Downloads Management. ...
    • Provision of files for customers. ...
    • Music Store and MP3 Preview. ...
    • Virtual Product Combinations with Associated File. ...
    • Virtual products packs and downloads.

    Which platform is best for ecommerce? ›

    The Best E-Commerce Platforms of 2023
    • Squarespace: Best Overall E-Commerce Platform.
    • Square Online: Best for Omnichannel Selling.
    • Ecwid: Best for Existing Sites.
    • Shift4Shop: Best Free E-Commerce Platform.
    • Shopify: Best for Dropshipping.
    • Wix: Best Drag-and-Drop Editor.
    • Weebly: Best Value.
    • BigCommerce: Best for Boosting Sales.
    Jan 22, 2023

    How many products can PrestaShop handle? ›

    PrestaShop vs Magento 2: a short overview
    CharacteristicsMagento 2PrestaShop
    FunctionalityAdvanced built-in integrationsBasic
    ExtensionsOver 5000 extensionsOver 4000 extensions
    Supported inventory sizeCan manage up to 200 000 products and up to 500 000 with proper optimizationUp to 100 000 products
    1 more row

    What is better PrestaShop or WooCommerce? ›

    In terms of SEO, WooCommerce would beat PrestaShop. The first benefit is that WooCommerce inherits all of WordPress's SEO capabilities, especially when it comes to blogging. More specifically, users can create a blog directly from the WordPress dashboard.

    How to create a module in PrestaShop? ›

    1. PrestaShop module's Structure & Constructor. We need to create our module's folder in the root of the folder called “modules”. ...
    2. Install & Uninstall functions. ...
    3. Template File. ...
    4. Configuration Form. ...
    5. Save data from the Configuration Form. ...
    6. Install your Module & Configure it. ...
    7. The final result on your homepage. ...
    8. Conclusion.
    Jun 17, 2020

    How do modules work? ›

    A module is a function or group of similar functions. They are grouped together within a file and contain the code to execute a specific task when called into a larger application. You create modules to better organize and structure your codebase.

    Is PrestaShop like Shopify? ›

    The main difference between PrestaShop and Shopify is that PrestaShop is a self-hosted platform that can offer more customization and scalability, while Shopify is a fully-hosted program that's easier to use for beginners as it doesn't require any technical knowledge.

    Is PrestaShop good for SEO? ›

    👉 PrestaShop modules for SEO

    SEO Expert: This module allows you to automatically fill your title and meta descriptions, as well as to create SEO-friendly URL tags. It's especially advisable for stores with a big product offering.

    Is PrestaShop same as WordPress? ›

    The difference between PrestaShop and WordPress is that PrestaShop is an ecommerce software whereas WordPress is a content management system.

    Where can I host PrestaShop? ›

    Best PrestaShop hosting: ranked
    • Hostinger – best PrestaShop hosting overall.
    • ScalaHosting – powerful fully-managed cloud VPS PrestaShop hosting.
    • HostGator – beginner-friendly and affordable shared PrestaShop hosting.
    • GoDaddy – business-oriented shared PrestaShop hosting solution.
    Dec 12, 2022

    How can I create module? ›

    Steps to add a module
    1. Create the module folder.
    2. Create the etc/module. xml file.
    3. Create the registration. php file.
    4. Run the bin/magento setup.
    5. Upgrade script to install the new module.
    6. Check that the module is working.
    Jan 23, 2023

    Where can I find installed modules? ›

    To see all modules installed on the system, use the Get-Module -ListAvailable command.

    What language is PrestaShop written in? ›


    Which is better OpenCart or PrestaShop? ›

    Among all the factors discussed above, PrestaShop outperforms OpenCart in terms of customer support, SEO and Marketing feature.

    How many PrestaShop stores are there? ›

    There are more than 250 PrestaShop certified agencies in the world, all ready to help you in your e-commerce adventure.

    Where does PrestaShop store images? ›

    The location is based on the id_image field of ps_image table. An image having 1234 for id will be stored under /img/p/1/2/3/4/1234. jpg . An image having 1514 for id will be stored under /img/p/1/5/1/4/1514.

    How popular is PrestaShop? ›

    PrestaShop is used by 1.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 0.7% of all websites.

    What is better Magento or PrestaShop? ›

    Generally, PrestaShop is easier to use, offers more pre-made themes, and is suitable for small to medium web stores. On the other hand, Magento performs better when it comes to massive-scale stores with a large number of visits at a time.

    What products should I resell? ›

    Six Steps to Selling Items Legally
    • Get a Seller's Permit. A business must obtain a seller's permit if it sells physical items to the public. ...
    • Get a Wholesaler's License. ...
    • Make Sure You Have No Trademark Issues. ...
    • Choose a Payment Gateway and Understand Their Limits. ...
    • Understand Shipping Restrictions. ...
    • Understand Customer Privacy.
    Apr 4, 2018

    How do you make money on resale items? ›

    Here are some of the popular options you have for reselling:
    1. Apps: Poshmark. Tradesy. Vinted. Mercari. Grailed.
    2. Websites: eBay. ThredUp. Amazon. TheRealReal. ...
    3. Brick-and-mortar stores: Antique stores. Vintage furniture stores. Second-hand stores. Crossroads Trading Co. ...
    4. Your personal e-commerce site: Shopify. Ionos. Squarespace. Wix.
    Feb 6, 2023

    How do I sell my inventory items? ›

    10 strategies to sell excess inventory
    1. Sell online.
    2. Offer sales.
    3. Bulk discounts.
    4. Give products extra exposure.
    5. Product bundling.
    6. Remarketing.
    7. Liquidation.
    8. Donate for a tax write-off.
    Aug 5, 2020

    What is the best ecommerce site for beginners? ›

    The 6 best eCommerce platforms
    • Shopify for getting up and running quickly.
    • Square for selling in-person and online.
    • Ecwid by Lightspeed for starting with a free plan—then growing.
    • BigCommerce for large-volume sellers.
    • WooCommerce for adding a shopping cart to an existing WordPress site.
    • Wix for building a complete site.
    Jan 3, 2023

    What is the number 1 ecommerce site? ›

    Amazon.com is the leading U.S. ecommerce giant with the largest market share.

    How much does Shopify take per sale? ›

    Are there any transaction fees? There are no transaction fees for stores using Shopify Payments. If you choose a third-party payment provider, there will be additional fees of 2%, 1% or 0.5% for our Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify plans, respectively.

    Why is PrestaShop so slow? ›

    The reasons for Prestashop is slow can be diverse, for example, they can originate from: A large number of heavy images make loading difficult. Bad JavaScript placement that Prestashop is slow down the page. Too many calls to external services.

    How can I upload bulk products in PrestaShop? ›

    Steps to Import PrestaShop Products with Store Manager
    1. Open Store Manager for PrestaShop and Launch the Import Wizard.
    2. Select the Import File on Your PC or Specify Its Location.
    3. Specify File Delimiters and Additional Import Options.
    4. Check Date and Time Values Formats and Separators.
    5. Map CSV Columns to the Database Fields.

    How do I dropship in PrestaShop? ›

    Create your dropshipping online store with PrestaShop
    1. Select a host and a domain name. The hosting of your dropshipping website is a crucial factor. ...
    2. Create your dropshipping site. ...
    3. Import your first products. ...
    4. Set up your payment method. ...
    5. Shipping method.

    Which one is cheaper Shopify or WooCommerce? ›

    WooCommerce is cheaper since it is free while Shopify offers solutions ranging from $9 to $299 per month and takes between 0.5 and 2% commission on your sales. Let's dig a little deeper to better understand the cost of both the platforms.

    Why is WooCommerce so expensive? ›

    Most WooCommerce costs tend to come from premium extensions, which can quickly add up. When it comes to hidden WooCommerce costs, here are three elements you want to keep in mind: Integration with additional payment gateways. Advanced shipping features.

    Can I make money with WooCommerce? ›

    WooCommerce lets you sell virtual products, which can include any service you might want to sell: coaching, consulting, or even something more specific like web design or massage therapy. Let's look at a couple of ways that WooCommerce can help you make money on WordPress by selling professional services.

    Can you make your own custom modules? ›

    There are two steps required to create your own custom module: (1) write a module file and (2) add a line to your ~/. bashrc file to update the MODULEPATH. The example module file above (with filename 1.2) sets two environment variables and loads two system modules. Module files are written in the Tcl language.

    How do I create a module app? ›

    Create a library module
    1. Click File > New > New Module.
    2. In the Create New Module dialog that appears, click Android Library, then click Next. ...
    3. Give your library a name and select a minimum SDK version for the code in the library, then click Finish.

    Can you create your own module in Python? ›

    You can write a Python module yourself. They can contain definitions of function, classes, and variables that can be used in other Python programs.

    How do I access PrestaShop backend? ›

    To log in, enter your admin email address and the password you created during the install. Once entered, click on the Log In button. You should be taken immediately to the first page of your administration dashboard. Make sure you take note of the admin URL in the address bar of your browser after logging in.

    How do I download PrestaShop themes? ›

    Run Prestashop 1.7 Installation Wizard.
    You will learn about:
    1. I. Download Theme Package to Local PC.
    2. II. Import Theme into Website.
    3. III. Activate Prestashop Theme.
    4. IV. Install Sample Data.
    Aug 20, 2020

    How do I export a product from PrestaShop? ›

    1. Open Store Manager for PrestaShop and Launch the Import/Export Wizard. ...
    2. Select the Export File on Your PC or Specify Its Location. ...
    3. Export Options step allows to filter the products before export and set Advanced Export Options. ...
    4. Select Export Fields Delimiters and Quote Character. ...
    5. Select Fields to be Exported.

    Where can I find PrestaShop database? ›

    Log into your cPanel admin interface. Locate the Files category and open the File Manager tool. Once inside the File Manager, navigate to the root folder for your PrestaShop store. For most people, the store will be in a folder with the same name as the website, such as example.com.

    What language does PrestaShop use? ›

    PrestaShop is a freemium, open source e-commerce platform. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL). It is written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system.

    How do I host a website on PrestaShop? ›

    Create a PrestaShop website in 3 steps
    1. Order a web hosting plan. Before you can set up your online store, you need to choose a domain name and web hosting plan. ...
    2. Install PrestaShop. When you order a PrestaShop solution, it will be automatically installed on your Web Hosting plan. ...
    3. Build your online store.


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