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Injured in an accident that was not your fault?

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If you got hurt or sick and it was someone else's fault,We are here to help.

If your injuries were caused by the actions or negligence of another person, you may be able to do so.compensation.

Every year we help hundreds of people in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and across the UK to get the compensation they need to finance their recovery.

How did your injury arise?

Starting a personal injury claim is not complicated, but the process depends on how and where you were injured.

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Work accidents traffic accidents Public places Medical negligence other accidents

Do I have personal injury claims?

You should be entitled to a claim for damages if your injury occurred:

  • within the last three years and;
  • someone else was at fault, and;
  • that person owed you a duty of care.

Is there anything else that may affect my eligibility?

Y. There are several other factors that can affect the possibility of a successful claim, such as: B. the nature of the accident or how close you are to the statute of limitations of the claim.

It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim. Talk to a legal expert now0800 376 1001. Alternatively, find out if you have a claim with ourclaims examiner.

Can a child ask for compensation?

If you were injured as a child (under the age of 18), you can file a claim any time until you turn 21.

As the parent or guardian of an injured child, you may hire an attorney to file a claim for damages on the child's behalf.

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claim compensation for child

Check my claim online

How much compensation can I request in case of damage?

The amount of money you can claim for your claimInjurydepends on:

  • the extent of your injury and
  • any financial loss or expense you have incurred.

When beginning your claim, your attorney will consider the many ways your injury has affected your life. Your attorney will take all of these effects into account to calculate the right compensation for you.

general damage

General damage will be awarded.pain, suffering and loss of comfort(PSLA).

Arbitration awards for general damages are determined by the Judicial College and are published in its Guidelines for Arbitration Awards for Personal Injury.

special damage

Special damages are e.g.financial losses and costsyou incurred as a result of the accident.

What can I ask for after an injury? (see list)

Examples of special damages (damages you can claim) are:

  • Lost income (including future income)
  • medical treatment costs
  • physical therapy
  • Travel expenses
  • cost of care
  • Cost of customizing your home or car

Calculate my compensation for injuries

Calculating the amount of compensation you can claim for a claim can be tricky.

Ourcompensation calculatortells you if you can have a claim, how much compensation you can claim, and what you can claim.

Find out which one is yourInjury Claimmight be worth it now:

Calculate my claim

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (6)

Road traffic accident claims in Aberdeen

Official gov.uk data for 2021 shows that there have been 187 road accidents in Aberdeenshire. In 2021 there were 85 minor accidents, 88 accidents and 14 fatal accidents. Accidents in Aberdeen in 2013 included crashes at the A96 and A978 roundabouts, and at the A9013 and B9077 roundabouts.

All road users have a duty of care to all other road users. If you have suffered atraffic accident in Aberdeen,or anywhere else in the UK, we can help you claim the no win no fee compensation you need.

Whether you were injured riding a bike or injured in a collision at an intersection, we are here to help. Our auto accident claims guide has everything he needs to know to file a claim.

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Compensation claims for traffic accidents

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (7)

aberdeenWork accident claims

In 2021 there were 2 fatalities and a further 193 work accidents in Aberdeenshire.

If you have suffered damages as a result of your employer's actions, you have the right to file a claim.

Whether your accident occurred while you were working as a landscape gardener or a roofer, ourright to a work accidentThe guide has everything you need to know to make a successful no win no fee claim.

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Work accident claims

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (8)

Clinical negligence claims by Aberdeen

Clinical Malpractice (Medical Malpractice)is the term used to describe a patient's injury due to the carelessness of a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. If you are affected by medical negligence, we can help you claim compensation from any of the NHS clinics and trusts that cover Aberdeen.

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Compensation for clinical negligence

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (9)

Compensation claims for accidents in public places in Aberdeen

A person or business that owns or uses property has a legal duty to care for visitors to the property.

Regardless of whether your accident occurred on a slippery floor at a supermarket or in a park, you may be able to file a claim.

If you have been hurt in oneaccident in a public placeWe can help you file a claim for financial compensation.

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Occupant Liability Damage Claims

Claim for damages in case of serious injuries

A serious or catastrophic injury is when the injury results in long-term medical problems, prolonged or ongoing medical treatment, permanent disability, or reduced life expectancy. Serious injuries often include brain injury or amputation. Serious and catastrophic injuries can also be linked to work-related cancers, severe scarring, and organ damage.

Our panel of expertsCatastrophic Injury Lawyersunderstand the difference compensation can make in the life of a seriously injured beneficiary.

The compensation will ease the financial burden and reduce stress, allowing you to focus on your recovery and rehabilitation. Your lawyer will work with insurance providers and health professionals to help you get the support you need.

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Compensation for serious injuries

Do I have to go to my law office in person?

Personal injury claims are made by phone, mail and email, so it will beYou do not have to go to your lawyer's officein the case of claims for damages.

With a quick phone call to a friendly advisor, you can explain what happened and find out if you may have a claim. There is no obligation to file a lawsuit.

If you decide to file a lawsuit, talk to an experienced attorney. Your lawyer is always available to answer any questions and keep you informed of each step.

Aberdeen No Win, No Fee Anwälte

ANo benefit, no fee agreementprotects you by making sure you don't have to pay attorneys' fees if your lawsuit is unsuccessful. No Win, No Fee agreements are also known as Conditional Fee Agreements or CFAs.

Aberdeen claimants also do not have to pay any upfront fees with a CFA.

No profit, no fee guarantee

Our panel of No Win, No Fee solicitors have helped injured people make a claim in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and across the UK.without any financial risk.

what did you payThat's itmy claim for damages?

Your personal injury lawyer will receive a contingency fee when resolving your compensation claim. This fee will be deducted from your final compensation.

By law, an attorney's contingency fee can be as high as 25%,which law firm to choose.

You can discuss the contingency fee percentage with your compensation attorney before the claim process begins.

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Make a "No Win, No Pay" Claim

what did you payif I don't winmy claim for damages?

You do not have to pay legal feesif your lawyer does not win your claim for damages. Your lawyer can take out insurance to make sure you don't have to pay anything.

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Make a "No Win, No Pay" Claim

How can we help

Your attorney will fight for the best compensation settlement possible for you, and the experienced board of attorneys hasan excellent track record of winning damages claimsin Aberdeen and across the UK.

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (10) Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (11)

  • Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (12) FREE
  • Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (13) Experience
    if you can claim that
  • Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyers | No profit, no fees | quittance.co.uk® (14) Without obligation
    make a complaint

If you have any questions or want to start oneno profit no commissionclaim,we are open:

  • 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays
  • Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm
  • 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday

Call usFREE advice on0800 376 1001or arrange a callback from afriendly and legally trained counselor:

Call me

frequent questions

Quittance has helped many applicants in Aberdeen?

Whether you live in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or elsewhere in the UK, we can help you make a claim for compensation with no winnings or fees.

Whether your injury is due to medical malpractice or in the workplace, we make sure that your case is handled by an experienced specialist attorney.

Is your service 100% non-profit, free of charge?

Our no win no pay service means 100% of your legal fees are covered if your case is unsuccessful. This means that you will never run out of money.

Aberdeen Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

All personal injury attorneys must adhere to strict professional standards, and service levels may vary. Online reviews and recommendations from friends and family will help you choose the best attorney for your needs.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

Can I claim on behalf of another person?

Yes. It is possible to claim damages on behalf of another person as a "litigator."

For example, if a claimant is too young or too vulnerable, too injured, or unable to sue on their own, their litigator can handle the claims process for them.

The litigant is responsible for communicating with personal injury attorneys and making decisions related to the claim.

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Learn more about how to claim on someone else's behalf.

Can I claim complicity?

Even if you believe you were partially responsible for your accident, you can still claim compensation.

You may also still be able to file a claim if something you did (or failed to do) caused your injuries to be more serious than they otherwise would have been (for example, you were thrown off your bike, but you weren't wearing a helmet). .

If you were partly at fault, this will be known ascontributory negligence. Successful claims are often made on the basis of contributory negligence, although compensation may be reduced.

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Claim compensation if you were jointly and severally responsible for an accident.

How long does my complaint take?

The time it takes to resolve a claim and pay compensation can vary widely.

For example, simple auto accident claims can be resolved in a matter of weeks, while complex medical malpractice cases can sometimes take years.

Damage claims can also take longer if it is not clear who is responsible for your damage or if liability exists.deniedby the defendant.

This table specifies approximatelyhow long do personal injury claims lastsettle:

Type of damage Personal injury

Estimated Entitlement Period*

Traffic Accident Claims

4 to 9 months

Work accident claims

6 to 9 months

Medical Malpractice Claims

12 to 36 months

Claims for occupational diseases

12 to 18 months

Liability claims of public places or users

6 to 9 months

MIB Claims (Uninsured Drivers)

3 to 4 months**

CICA (Criminal Bodily Injury) Claims

12 to 18 months**

Learn more about how long personal injury claims take.

Do I have to go to court?

The vast majority of claims resolved by the Bar Association are resolved out of court.

only onevery small proportion (approx. 2%)of personal injury cases go to court, usually only very complex cases or cases where liability cannot be clarified.

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Will my claim for damages go to court and what happens if it does?

Can I get an advance (interim) payment?

If you find yourself in financial difficulty as a result of an accident, you may be able topayment of provisional compensation.

An advance payment is a partial payment of your claim that is paid to you before your claim is closed. The amount you receive in interim payments will be deducted from your final compensation statement or award.

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Can I get temporary compensation?

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