Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (2023)

netflixThe monthly rotation of movies and TV shows is back, and in November 2018 we'll be saying goodbye to several full-length movie franchises, though there's still time for a quick binge-watching if one of your favorites is about to disappear!

Dinosaur fans in particular could be in for a sad November as both Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time completely disappear this month. Other movies leaving the company include historical epics (like Anna Karenina and The Reader), a few more recent movies (including the Paddington family), and just one TV series: Undercover Boss.

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Here are the top movies and TV shows coming out of Netflix in the coming weeks, and how long you can watch them for.

15. Amelie

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (1)

This French independent film is romantic, charming...and the definition of whimsical. With Audrey Tatou, Amelie follows a quiet and shy waitress who grew up in relative solitude but still cares deeply about the world around her. She spends her time making small gestures in the lives of the people in her neighborhood, and her adventures bring her into contact with another equally unique creative type: an adult video worker who collects abandoned photo booth footage.

Departure: November 1

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14. Cruel intentions (1, 2 and 3)

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (2)

Not everyone may realize that Cruel Intentions, the 1999 movie inspired by Dangerous Liasons, was actually made into a three-film series. The original Cruel Intentions was followed by a prequel (Cruel Intentions 2) and a sequel (Cruel Intentions 3). Cruel Intentions 2 follows the same students (albeit with a different cast), while Cruel Intentions 3 is almost entirely separate, though all three deal with the manipulative sex games played by wealthy teens from exclusive schools.

Departure: November 1

13. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (3)
(Video) Top TV Shows Premiering in November 2022 | Rotten Tomatoes TV

The sequel to 2004's Hellboy, The Golden Army, sees Ron Perlman return as the show's big red star, fighting to save the world from fantastic and demonic forces. Fans of the original will still enjoy this sequel, and superhero fans who haven't discovered Hellboy might want to check out a quick replay before he leaves the streaming service... especially before he does.hellRebooting to hit the big screen next year.

Departure: November 1

12. Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park III and The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

The original Jurassic Park trilogy returned to Netflix this summer, but it's time to say goodbye to these dinosaur adventures as they once again went extinct from Netflix this November. The original 1993 movie that started it all was followed by two sequels before the 2015 reboot (Jurassic World) hit theaters. Neither of the two most recent Jurassic World movies is also available on Netflix, making it a dinosaur-free November for the streaming service.

Departure: November 1

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11. Glass

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (5)

Halloween has come and gone, so now it's time to say goodbye to some of Netflix's horror catalogue, including this 2014 movie starring Karen Gillan. Gillan stars as Kaylie, a traumatized girl determined to get to the bottom of her parents' brutal murders, though it quickly becomes apparent that the mirror linked to their bloody death has been twisting the minds of its victims for centuries... lovers, Oculus It can keep that Halloween spirit up a bit longer.

Departure: November 1

10. Phenomenon

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (6)
(Video) Top 10 New Web Series On Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO MAX Part-15 | New Released Web Series 2022

Last call for a '90s fantasy drama, with Phenomenon leaving Netflix this November. This 1996 film casts John Travolta as a small-town good guy who suddenly finds himself with miraculous powers after a bright light falls on him one night... but that's not superhero stuff. Instead, it's a movie about the way people react to someone suddenly becoming brilliant, and a little scary in their abilities, and the potential they have for love.

Departure: November 1

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9. Smokin' Aces 2: Ball der Assassinen

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (7)

Smokin' Aces fans might enjoy this 2010 prequel...but mostly for the usual action movie fodder; lots of sexy dressed women, men with big guns and wildly unrealistic fight scenes. It's definitely one for those dull fall evenings when it's cold outside and something action-packed and not too complex is on the broadcast schedule...

Departure: November 1

Page 2:Steel Magnolias, In Search of the Enchanted Valley, The Lazarus Effect and more

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (8)

8. Steel Magnolias

Charming, funny, and incredibly moving, this classic women's friendship film is a must-see. And of course with an amazing cast including Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLain and Sally Field. Steel Magnolias is definitely a tearjerker movie, a great rainy day movie, whether you're watching it for the first time or you've seen it a hundred times.

Departure: November 1

7. The country before time (I, II and III)

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (9)
(Video) 17 NEW Netflix Originals That Blew Me Away

The first three installments of the family-friendly dinosaur classic will leave the streaming service earlier this month, bringing with them the characters kids have loved since the '80s. enchanted valley II: The great adventure of the valley and In search of the enchanted valley III: The hour of the great delivery, one thing remains: In search of the enchanted valley XIV: The journey of the brave.

Departure: November 1

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6. The Lazarus Effect

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (10)

The Lazarus Effect boasts a star-studded cast (including Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover and Mark Duplass), but the actors are the best of this 2015 horror. The basic premise isn't the most original (a group of investigators trying to turn to the folks bringing him back from the dead), but it will still appeal to anyone looking to squeeze in a little more horror by the end of the month.

Departure: November 1

5. The reader

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (11)

Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes star in this period drama set in various time periods when a young man meets and falls in love with an old woman before she reappears in his life many years later, at a war crimes trial in World War II. . As the layers of this woman are peeled back, The Reader paints a picture of a complex woman and a boy who is still unsure of her feelings for her, and leaves viewers asking some tough questions.

Departure: November 1

4. In the air

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (12)
(Video) Top TV Shows Premiering in March 2023 | Rotten Tomatoes TV

In this Oscar-nominated comedy-drama, George Clooney stars as a recruiting consultant who travels the country firing people for a living: a thankless job and a life without roots, but one he says he loves. However, when his own job is threatened, he embarks on a journey with a new colleague and begins to see his own life in a new light...and one that may change his mind that his only goals are distance and frequent flyer miles!

Departure: November 1

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3. Anna Karenina

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (13)

Leo Tolstoy's classic novel has been adapted for the screen several times, but it's the 2012 version that's coming out on Netflix on November 12. Starring Kiera Knightly in partnership with director Joe Wright for the third time, it's a classic romance centering on one woman's pursuit of happiness, and for good reason.

Salida: 12.11

2. Paddington

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (14)

The family-friendly Paddington is leaving Netflix in the middle of the month, and since Paddington 2 isn't on the streaming service, it's time to say goodbye to this adorable bear for now. Paddington takes the classic children's character and brings him into the modern age, with a new brown-haired family who love the Peruvian bear and a museum taxidermist who is after him for his own (obviously nefarious) reasons.

Salida: 16.11

1. Undercover Boss: Seasons 1-5

Netflix: 15 Best Movies (And TV Shows) Coming In November (15)
(Video) Top 10 Most Watched TV Shows on Netflix | November 2022

The only full series coming out of Netflix this month is Undercover Boss, and all five seasons currently streaming will be cut on November 17.the. In this reality show, the big bosses of big companies go undercover as new hires in low-level positions to really understand how their business works at all levels and what it feels like to step out of the CEO's office at your own company.

Salida: 17.11

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