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Hewheel of lifeis a powerful self-training exercise that gives you a holistic view of your life and helps you better understand what you can do to make your life more harmonious. Used by several influential self-help gurus, this tool has been around since the 1960s and is perhaps more popular today than ever.

Some of you may know the Wheel of Life by its other name: Wheel of Life Balancing. This name is often used during coaching consultations or as a self-reflection exercise when setting personal growth goals.

In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about the Wheel of Life, as well as a PDF template, a Canva template, and a free Wheel of Life blank template to download.

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What makes a wheel of life?

The Wheel of Life helps you to evaluate yourcurrent life state vs desired life statebased on the main areas of life. This tool helps you reflect on which areas of your life need more attention so that you can create the successful life you desire.

While creating your own Wheel of Life may seem like a simple exercise, it takes emotional energy to paint an honest picture of how you feel about certain areas of your life. You have to be in the right mindset to do this.

The Wheel of Life provides a great visual representation of whether or not your life is in balance and which areas need more attention. It shows you how balanced your life is in 8 different areas of life and gives you the opportunity to reflect on how satisfied and fulfilled you are in each area.

If an area of ​​your life receives little attention, you can work on improving those areas to bring more balance to your life.

Where can I download a printable wheel of life?

To create a simple wheel of life, just draw a circle and divide it into 8 equal parts. Then label each section with a seating area. You can draw it yourself by hand or on any design tool.

However, if you want to save time, I have templates ready for you to download. In fact, I have three of them!

My two favorite Wheel of Life models are for sale atmy etsy shop. Both are beautiful and will save you a lot of time. Here is a 20% discount if you want to buy the Wheel of Life Canva template. Apply coupon CANVAWHEELOFLIFE in my store orclick this link to apply the coupon automatically.

I would also like to share a free printable pdf with you. It's a simple wheel of life preloaded with 8 areas. You can download it at the end of this post. Just click the download button and you will have access to the file. Here's a preview of the free template.

Wheel of Life Template with Instructions (printable PDF) - Digital Hygge (2)

Wheel of Life Printable PDF Template - blank and preloaded

This Wheel of Life is a printable PDF that comes in two versions: a blank version and a version with predefined categories. A blank version is best for those who want to choose for themselves which areas to evaluate. If you keep reading this article, you will find a lot of great ideas and inspiration 🙂

TO UPDATE: NowMy Etsy Wheel of Life Listincludes3 types of wheel of life:

- four 8-area wheel designs (preloaded and blank)

– a wheel with 9 areas

– two variations of a 10-area wheel of life

Wheel of Life Template with Instructions (printable PDF) - Digital Hygge (3)

Wheel of Life Customizable Canva Template

That's it100% customizable Canva templateis for those who want to design their own Wheel of Life, without having to start from scratch.canvais a great design tool where you can edit literally everything you see, from fonts and colors to text and graphics. Making a wheel of life with Canva isn't particularly easy if you're not a designer, so by getting my Canva template you gain a head start and can focus on the big picture without having to create the difficult and time-consuming parts. project yourself.

Update nowmy Roda da Vida Canva templateIncludes 7 variations: four 8-area layouts, one 9-area layout, and two 10-area layouts. Each template is fully customizable. You can change the text, fonts, colors, add any text or graphics.

Both products have been created with care and are of the highest quality. Whichever you choose, I hope you're happy with it!

Here's a preview of the templates so you can see in detail what's included.

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Roda da vida A4for digital hygiene

8 common areas of the wheel of life

The classic Wheel of Life is divided into 8 key areas of life. However, you shouldn't feel limited with the predefined quantity categories and their labels. It's a visual representation of YOUR life, the things you value and care about.

If a detailed wheel of life makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed, you can create fewer categories so you can focus on larger areas of life.

If you feel you have more specific categories, you can add additional categories or split existing ones into narrower areas.

There are no right or wrong types of categories. The Wheel of Life (or Wheel of Life Balancing) is 100% your vision and nobody else's.

The classic wheel of life includes the following areas of life:

  1. business career: Alternative tags include Vocation, Work, Business, Mothering, Parenting, Parenting, Volunteering, etc.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – How happy and satisfied are you with your work?
    – Is your business/career prosperous or not?
    - Where is it now? Where would you like it to go?

  2. finance: Other tag ideas include money, wealth, financial security, and financial well-being.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – How comfortable are you with your financial situation?
    – How is your financial education?
    – How are your bank/savings accounts?
    – Do you manage your finances effectively?
    – How would you like to feel about your financial situation?

  3. Health: Alternatives include Wellness, Fitness, Body, Physical. This category can also be divided into Physical Health and Emotional Health, and may also include Spiritual Health.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – How satisfied are you with your overall health?
    – How do you feel about your energy and vitality levels?
    – Do you exercise regularly?
    – Do you think you are at the sporting level you would like to be?
    – Are you satisfied with the general state of your physical body?

  4. family friends: alternative tags could be Community, Social Life. The Family & Friends category can be divided into separate "Family" and "Friends" categories.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – How is your relationship with your family and friends?
    – Do you spend enough time with them? Do you feel connected to them?

  5. Relationship: Alternatives include Dating, Intimate life, Couple, Couple, Couple for life.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – How would you describe your life with your partner/beloved?
    – Is it a romantic life?
    – Do you spend a lot of time together?
    – Do you understand them?
    – Do you express yourself well enough to be understood?
    – Do you love and feel loved?

  6. Personal development: Alternatives include learning, self-development, personal or spiritual growth.

    – How do you see yourself growing as an individual?
    – Do you think you are investing enough in your personal growth?

  7. Fun and Recreation: Some other ideas for this category tag include free time, hobbies, sports, games, creativity and fun.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    – Do you allow yourself enough time to rest, play and rejuvenate?

  8. physical environment: Other tags for this category could simply be "House", "House", or "Apartment". The category can be split into two for work and home environments. It's especially important now when many people are starting to work from home.

    Questions to ask yourself:
    When it comes to people, ask yourself if the people you live, work or spend time with make you feel good. Do you like the kind of people around you? Do you feel nourished when you're around these people, or do they drain your energy?

If you've never created your own Wheel of Life before and you're new to life evolution and self-evaluation, you'll probably want to start with 8 predefined categories. Over time, you may want to modify the categories to better match your core values.

Remember that you can customize categories by simply giving them other names that seem more suitable to YOU ​​and/or splitting an existing category into two or more.

Additional areas of the wheel of life

We highly recommend that you give some more thought to the categories you would like to see on your Wheel of Life. There are many assessment questions you can ask when considering your overall happiness. In addition to commonly used areas, here are some ideas for additional areas you can research:

  • contribution to the community
  • Security
  • planning the future
  • Spirituality and Spiritual Growth
  • Religion
  • State of mind
  • self sense
  • creativity
  • Attitude
  • Lifestyle
  • Leadership
  • Conquest
  • etc.

How to use the wheel of life

Still don't know how to use your Wheel of Life? To make it easier for you, I've tried to create a simple walkthrough that should help you successfully complete your own Wheel of Life.

How to use the wheel of life

  1. Decide what areas of life you want to assess

    When assessing balance in your life, you should start by choosing which areas or categories you want to include. See above for more ideas.

  2. Prioritize areas of life.

    After labeling each part of the wheel, now is the time to prioritize your areas. Which area is most important to you right now? Which comes second? What third?

    If, for example, you feel that Family and Friends is the most important area for you right now, write the number 1 next to the label. Continue until you have ranked all areas according to their importance in your life.

  3. Rate each area of ​​your life on a scale of 1 to 10.

    Now, rate on a scale of 1 to 10 where you are in each area of ​​your life. Once you've thought of the score for a given area, color in that section.

    For example, if the score is ten, you color the entire section. If the score is 1, color only the first part of the circle.

  4. Set a goal for each area of ​​your life

    Now that you've assessed each area of ​​your life, you're ready toset your goals, to mean. where you want to be in the future.

    Defining your goals makes it easy to see the gap between your current situation and your desired one.

  5. Analysis

    Try to establish if there are interconnected areas on your wheel. Are there areas that could be worked on at the same time? Are there areas of imbalance that negatively affect other areas of your life?

  6. Make an action plan

    The final and most important step is to create a simple action plan for each area. How can you improve it? What needs to be done to bring the score to the desired level?

Final words of advice: When filling out your own Wheel of Life, the hardest part isHONESTLYAnswer the questions by rating each area of ​​your life. You should access each area based on the real-life situation, not based on what you think you "should" answer.


The Wheel of Life, also known as the Balance Wheel of Life, provides a holistic view of where a person is on their journey and what needs to be done to move towards a happier, more harmonious life. No wonder many self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar have used versions of this tool.

Sometimes you may feel like you have a problem in one area of ​​life, but the exercise gives you an entirely different perspective.

Descargar “Wheel Of Life Free Printable”The-Wheel-of-Life-Digital-Hygge.pdf – Descargado 84 vezes – 1,35 MB

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